As a recognized member of the ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION 2014-2020 (see here) the Military Academy undertakes the respect to its principles and is fully committed to its implementation.

Military Academy Erasmus Policy Statement (see here)

The Military Academy will focus on activities that can contribute for a solid education of students in scientific fields and subjects are compatible to those existing in the Military Academy. More relevance will be given to mobility activities that can develop and increase reciprocity, cooperation and interaction of students attending Masters and teachers.

The geographical area chosen by the Military Academy for mobility activities includes not only the Higher Education Institutes from participating countries, but also the Portuguese speaking countries.

Among the most important objectives for the mobility activities are cooperation, the enlargement of partnerships with institutions that focus upon our core areas of study of the Military Academy, and also the exchange of teachers for participating in workshops and training in order to transmit the acquired knowledge to their students and their peers.

Since 2005 the Military Academy has been implementing some cooperation initiatives, namely:

  • Students' research studies in several EU countries: Belgium, Germany, Spain and France;
  •  Cultural exchange programmes with foreign Military Academies: Belgium, Germany, Brasil, Spain, USA, France, Italy, UK and Holland;
  • Graduate students from the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community;

Amongst the Military Academy priorities to be reached within the Erasmus program are:

  • The development of multicultural activities leading to more awareness on the subject of the European identity in teachers, students and administrative staff;
  • The enrichment of syllabuses of all courses with the knowledge and experience acquired in foreign institutions;
  • The exchange of expert specific knowledge concerning different teaching methodologies;
  • The promotion of cooperation with institutions for the joint development of research projects;

The Military Academy has been developing initiatives to integrate Higher Education Institutes scientific and academic nets and also cooperate in terms of partnerships with those institutions as well as other foreign scientific institutions, namely in terms of the European Union.

These partnerships and cooperation envisage the development and increase of scientific research and innovation, the transference of scientific and technological knowledge, the improvement of working skills, and a better understanding of European and Portuguese speaking countries and institutions.

Under the ERASMUS + policy, the Military Academy is currently engaged in teachers and students mobility with the following institutions:


Theresan Military Academy (Austria)


Univerzita Obrany (Czech Republic)


Kaitseväe Ühendatud Õppeasutused (Estonia)

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Les écoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan (France)

  ESM insigne

Akademia Obrony Narodowej (Poland)

 Godło Akademii Obrony Narodowej

The General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military Academy of Land Forces (Wroclaw, Poland)


Nicolae Balcescu - Land Forces Academy (Romania)


Jan Zamoyski College of Humanities and Economics (Zamość, Poland)

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University of Winchester (United Kingdom)

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To find out more about ERASMUS + program, please contact: